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John Santucci
2 weeks ago
Great vet dentist! All my questions were answered to my satisfaction and they were very responsive both before and after the procedure. They even followed up several days later to make sure he was doing well post op. Would recommend to any of my pet owning friends.
Rebecca Wright
a month ago
Our dog is in the middle of treatment with the team at Orlando Veterinary Dentistry. The team is calm, knowledgeable, and caring. They do their very best to eliminate anxiety for everyone involved, and you can tell that they take pride in what they do. I’m very grateful for Annie’s knowledge and support, Dr. Beckman’s skill, and how wonderful the team is!
Lois Ann Czeizinger
5 months ago
I was referred to Dr. Beckman by my veterinarian as my Havanese needed to have dental surgery done. I was very impressed with Dr. Beckman and Annie. Dr. Beckman explained everything that needed to be done in detail. When it was time to pick up my Havanese his meds and all the information that needed to be taken was explained by Annie. I cannot say enough about Dr. Beckman and Annie for there exceptional service. I was called by Annie a day later to see how everything was going. If anyone ever needs to have a dental veterinarian I would highly recommend Dr. Beckman and his staff.
Regina Pagan
7 months ago
Dr. Beckman and Anne were caring and most of all knowledgeable about our Bichon’s teeth issues. They came up with a course of treatment and displayed confidence about the outcome. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs a veterinary dentist. They are caring, friendly and professional.
Caysi Dennis
7 months ago
Dr. Beckman and Annie Mills are incredible. We discovered our puppy Jax had enamel hypoplasia on his two bottom canines back in October. Annie was very thorough in her consultation with me over the phone in what treatment might look like. As new puppy parents, my boyfriend and I were very worried about our baby. Annie kept us in the loop the entire day of his surgery. She and Dr. Beckman both were very welcoming and eased our nerves immediately upon arrival. The procedure went well, and we were able to submit through our pet insurance with no problems thanks to the paperwork provided by Annie and Dr. Beckman. Two weeks ago, Jax chipped one of the teeth that had been operated on (a total fluke.) Annie was able to fit him into the schedule as soon as possible. Again, we couldn’t have felt better about their care for our baby. Annie is very responsive to any concerns we’ve ever had post surgery via email. She sends a check-in email following surgery as well. I highly recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry.
Winifred Begley
8 months ago
Kodi had a root canal and crown on his lower left canine performed by Dr. Beckman and his team. The whole team is very professional. Annie was our main contact for scheduling and information. Dr. Beckman, at our first visit, explained to us the whole process and was very reassuring. A team of vet techs monitor your pet throughout the procedure. Annie kept us informed about about how Kodi was doing and when he was moved to recovery on each of our two visits. The office environment is clean and the two waiting rooms are friendly and inviting. I highly recommend this team. They made us and Kodi very comfortable throughout. We cannot thank them enough!
a year ago
Dr. Beckman and Annie were awesome! I’m so grateful for the recommendation from our Vet. I felt very comfortable leaving Teddy in their care. They were honest, caring, and professional. I also really appreciated how much time they spent explaining everything to me. It definitely put me at ease. Teddy is playful and happy after his procedure. Thank you for the excellent care and kindness you show to our fur babies.
Marie Lint
a year ago
My husband and I cannot say enough about Dr. Beckman, Annie, and the behind the scenes staff of Orlando Veterinary Dentistry. Their courtesy, professionalism and pleasant attitudes were deeply appreciated by both of us (extremely nervous pom parents). We could not have asked for better treatment for our fur baby or us. Even the waiting room we were allowed to stay in most of the day was impeccable. We would highly recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry.
Lisa O'Neill
a year ago
The doctor and his assistant are the best. This is specialized stuff and we had to make long round trips, but worth it
Kati Allison
a year ago
Annie was kind and wonderful. Dr. Beckman did a fantastic job treating my kitty’s periodontal disease and post operative pain control was spot on. Tyrion feels so much better, I feel bad for putting the procedure off so long. Awesome follow up post op too.
Robbie Boerth
a year ago
Our cat had stomatitis (a chronic and widespread gum inflammation), and he was in constant pain. His weight was dropping, and was miserable. Dr. Beckman and Annie were terrific: They confirmed our veterinarian’s diagnosis and discussed the treatment possibilities. The dental procedure (complete tooth extraction) has returned our cat to his happy and affectionate self. His recovery was swift, and he seems have been rid of that horrible, painful condition. This is a professional, knowledgeable, and caring business.
Joanne Schimelman
a year ago
Our Collie, Joey, had a slab fracture on his canine tooth and 2 other fractured teeth as a result of jumping at the fence and air conditioner in our back yard. We believe this happened some time ago and at a recent vet visit, our vet suspected that the pulp may be exposed, which would be painful for a dog. We were referred to Dr Beckman who is a specialist in this field as you simply can not pull the canine without other problems developing. Dr. Beckmam and Annie were very calming and reassuring as we were very concerned about Joey’s recovery. He had a root canal and fitted for a crown (I didn’t even know this was something done on dogs) as had 2 extractiions. Joey is recovering well and received the very best care possible with Dr. Beckman and Annie & team. He us now wearing a soft muzzle in our backyard to ensure he doesn’t re-injure or damage more teeth while we add some barriers so that this doesn’t happen to Joey again. I highly recommend Dr Beckman and don’t think you can find better qualified and more caring people to take care of your pet/baby.
Jennifer Halstrom
a year ago
Dr. Annie Mills & Dr. Beckman took care of our Maltese and she’s like a new puppy. We honestly cannot believe how she recovered so well & now can live with no pain. We saw several vets in the area and they all referred Beckman. We now understand why.
We cannot thank Dr. Beckman & staff enough for taking care of Dayla.
Trudi Moore
2 years ago
Dr. Beckman and Annie were absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting the BEST oral care for your pet. They really do care about your pet. My Soxie was in the best hands and now she’s back to her old self. I can’t thank them enough!
Canine Extreme
2 years ago
Absolutely phenomenal facility! The staff was educational, accommodating and professional. Thanks to Orlando Veterinary Dentistry our German Shepherd is not only happy & healthy but back to himself in sport! Would definitely recommend them!
Anne van Wert
2 years ago
I can’t say I have ever encountered a more professional and compassionate duo than Dr. Beckman and Annie. They went above and beyond my expectations in taking care of my two puppies. Dr. Beckman saved my puppies from having their fractured teeth extracted with his excellent care. I will be forever grateful for that and for Annie’s TLC with my puppies.
Christine Boss
3 years ago
Dr. Beckmann and Annie Mills provided excellent care and were very accommodating. Their facility was comfortable and clean. I would highly recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry to anyone wanting to provide the best care for their pet.
Lisa Bilgray
2 years ago
I’m extremely particular when it comes to the healthcare of my pets and I put forth a lot of time in researching a dentist that I felt had the highest credentials in veterinary dentistry (visit his website and review the “About Us” section). I’ve been impressed with every aspect of Dr. Beckmans practice, his credentials are amazing, his office is more of a boutique health care setting; very clean & comfortable and his staff is very professional and quick to respond to any questions or concerns.
Karen Ebanks
3 years ago
IF you are looking for the best care for your pet, I will totally endorse Dr. Beckman and his assistant Anne, this is your best choice with no doubt, I my little angel is doing great after intense dental surgery, 10 yr chi X, THANK YOU DR. BECKMAN AND ANNE XXXX0000
Terri Paro
3 years ago
Two words to describe Dr. Beckman and his assistant Annie…. AMASING!!!!! & AWESOME!!!!!!! They were absolutely wonderful with my Chewie. He was in very good hands….. I truly want to thank them both for their KINDNESS & GENEROSITY
Ann Win
4 years ago
Dr. Beckman was great. My 10yo, 7 lb Maltese had 4 teeth extracted and teeth cleaning. I was planning to be there the entire day but in just a few hours, everything was done quickly. The office was cleaned and comfortable so I could wait around since we had to drive 2 hrs to get there. The vet tech was professional.
It’s very expensive for dental care for the pet. I wasn’t expected that big bill of over $1,700 though. Good thing I took good care of my dog’s teeth that I brush her teeth 1-2 times/wk in addition to professional teeth cleaning once/yr or every other yr (now after this expensive bill, will be brushing her teeth everyday!)
Carolyn Burby
4 years ago
During the recent annual exams of both of my 8-year old Siberian cats, it was determined that dental treatment was definitely in order, although there had never been any such indication up until then, and no visual signs or behavioral changes.. They were both diagnosed with tooth resorption, a condition which I had never heard of, and which cannot be visually detected but identified only through X-rays. I later learned that up to 60% of cats over 6 years of age could be affected, and it is most likely a painful condition, the cause of which has yet to be determined, though periodontal disease may be a factor.

As most of us are aware, animals — and cats in particular — are very stoic and are able to instinctively hide their discomfort. I was very disturbed to hear that both of my precious kitties were probably dealing with some level of pain. My local veterinarian recommended, due to the involvement, that they be referred to a veterinarian dentist, since there could be some possible complications during tooth extraction of felines with this condition. That is how I ended up with Dr. Brett Beckman, certainly a veterinary dentist with excellent credentials, and, I must say, that was one of my best decisions, even though his clinic is a little more than an hour’s drive.

Both Max and Katie were visually and orally examined and underwent surgery the same day. Annie Mills, Dr. Beckman’s Licensed Veterinary Technician, called me during both procedures to advise me of Dr. Beckman’s findings, I then gave them the go-ahead, and she called me again when my cats were in recovery.

As the owner of two cats that are now 4 days post-op, I can attest to the fact that they appear to be quite comfortable, have been eating just fine (even the evening of surgery), and both have been doing a lot of head-butting and purring. I feel greatly relieved that the source of pain has been taken care of, and I strongly urge all pet parents to consider annual dental cleaning and full-mouth radiographs — and to take recommended action at first sign of tooth resorption or any other dental disease.

I wish to express my appreciation to both Dr. Beckman and Annie for taking such good care of Max and Katie. It is obvious to me that you truly care about the animals that are entrusted to you for “repair” and that you ultimately give our precious pets the very best possible treatment to enable them to enjoy the comfortable life they so deserve.

beverly fried
4 years ago
We have been taking our beloved Griffin to Dr. Beckman for more than eight years. The skill and care that Dr. Beckman and his assistant Annie have shown during each procedure gives us peace of mind. We have sent them many referrals through the years and each person has been just as happy as we have been with their experience. Annie always follows up several times after each procedure to make sure Griffin is doing well. After our last visit forgot to take Griffin’s medicine. We live about an hour from Dr. Beckman office. I called to see if Annie would stay an hour later so that we could back and get the medicine. Annie said that she would bring us the medicine. This meant that she was taking two hours out of her day to keep us from having to drive back and get the medicine. I will never forget her going far and beyond to do this for Griffin and us. Anyone who uses Dr. Beckman and Annie for their pet could never find a better oral surgeon in the country.
Charles Carbiener
4 years ago
We thank our Vet for the referral. The service was exceptional and we now have two healthy puppies!
Wanda Pessatore
4 years ago
I had taken my King Shepherd for a root canal with Dr. Beckman. I was very nervous about the whole procedure. Dr. Beckman did an awesome job with the root canal and crown. My dog was never in any discomfort.

Anne Mills was wonderful. She was very caring and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who has any problems with their pets mouth.

Wanda Pessatore

Marnie Miszewski
4 years ago
Dr. Beckman and Annie took great care of all kitties we’ve brought them. Getting teeth pulled is not pleasant for anyone, but they made sure that the kitties were kept comfortable throughout the process.
patricia biagiotti
4 years ago
Rest assured your pet is in the best hands Veterinary Dentistry has to offer.
As a medical professional, I was delighted to see such high quality care delivered routinely. From examination to follow-up, my little Havana Silk Dog was given care that was unsurpassed. Thank you.
Steve Epperson
4 years ago
Our local vet referred our lab to Dr. Beckman for a broken canine tooth. During the examination, Dr. Beckman found that our dog also had two other broken teeth, one of which was broken clear down to the gum line. My wife and I felt terrible because our dog must have been in all kinds of pain and we did not even know it. Dr. Beckman took x-rays and treated all of our dog’s problems very efficiently.

Dr. Beckman’s assistant, Annie Mills, was also very helpful throughout the process. She handled the scheduling of our appointments, answered questions, and provided an estimate of costs once we knew what problems needed to be addressed.

After only a few days, our dog is now eating regularly and appears to feel better than she has for months. We appreciate the work of Dr. Beckman and his staff and highly recommend his services to anyone with a dog who needs dental care.

Mariam B
4 years ago
There aren’t many reviews for Orlando Vet Dentistry and so I want to share my experience. My 4yr old Persian cat had fine breath up until around 3yrs of age. We took him to our nearby Vet for annual check-ups @ 3yrs and again @ 4yrs old and they never said anything was wrong, even when I specifically said his breath is getting noticeably worse they said maybe it was time for a cleaning, like it was no big deal and optional. Well I was shocked to learn many Vet’s are not specifically trained in dentistry and I love my cat too much to risk his health or life, so I researched and found Orlando Veterinary Dentistry which specializes in animal Dentistry. There weren’t many reviews online but after finding some youtube videos and other online info about Dr. Beckman I felt good about making an appointment and am so happy we did.

Dr. Beckman checked out our cat for several minutes while I waited in the private waiting room, and he brought back high resolution photos on his laptop of several teeth and the likely procedure necessary for them. I received an updated price quote right then and kitty went back to begin sedation so XRAYs could be taken to get a better understanding of what was going on. We were shocked to learn how much damage he had that wasn’t easily visible and that he must have actively been in pain with a tooth reabsorption and what appeared to be a recent run in with furniture or other hard surface where he broke multiple front teeth with roots exposed and a cracked tooth. Thinking back my husband and I recall when this happened, when he was trying to jump onto the dresser and missed.

I received up front price quotes, explanations of everything that would be happening, and I felt very comfortable with the process and trusted my kitty in the hands of Orlando Vet Dentistry. As of this review writing, we’re 5-days post-Op and our cat is doing wonderful. His breath is 100% fresh, not even a hint of stink… NOTE the original bad breath is plaque and bacteria which needs to be cleaned and inspected by a trained professional!

Kitty never lost his appetite after the cleaning/surgery and the pain medication they prescribed was just right and not too much, he’s ~8lbs, he was up and about immediately following the procedure. I do not feel that another Vet could have done a better job. Dr Beckman and his Staff are great, and I received follow-up emails with his xrays and exactly what was done, including his vitals during the procedure etc, to add to our home files. Our cat will be seeing Dr. Beckman and his Staff again for future cleanings and checkups!

Michele VanHorn
5 years ago
Staff and Doctor are great! Appointment was made fairly quickly and great communication. Both the doctor and the staff took the time to fully answer all the many questions that I had. Very satisfied.
Bo Repay
6 years ago
Every experience I have had buy oral steroids stacks with Dr. Beckman, his technician Annie Mills, and his staff have been nothing short of excellent. The practice atmosphere is very professional but also very welcoming and comforting for pets and their owners. I’ve taken courses taught by Dr. Beckman, referred clients to him and have taken my own pet to him for treatment. The high quality of care, the friendly and caring staff and the expertise and efficiency with which they can treat their patients is superb and why I recommend Orlando Veterinary Dentistry to my clients.

Bo Reich, DVM

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