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Feline Stomatitis Therapy


Rocky has feline stomatitis.  Cats often suffer silently with this condition and continue to eat and carry on normal actitivies despite severe pain.  This is a response of the patient’s immune system to the plaque on the teeth. The treatment for this condition is full mouth extraction of all of the teeth.

Feline Stomatitis Therapy

Merely extracting the teeth will not produce cure.  Care must be taken in a multi step process to ensure the best possibly outcome for these poor cast.  Orlando Veterinary Dentistry Standard of Care treatment for feline stomatitis involves:

  1. Pain medication is given intravenously for at least 2 hours prior to the procedure
  2. To ensure the plane of anesthesia is minimal nerve blocks are administered to deaden sensitivity to the entire mouth
  3. Any tooth fragments from sectioning of teeth are thoroughly washed away prior to opening the tissue
  4. Each of the 4 quadrants (right and left, upper and lower jaws) are surgically exposed to allow access to the tooth roots
  5. All teeth are completely removed
  6. A diamond bur is used to eliminate the peridotonal ligament from to tooth socket
  7. Any sharp edges of are removed so the bone is smooth prior to closing the gum tissue
  8. Microscopic tooth remnants are removed with careful and thorough cleansing of the bone and tissue
  9. The gum is sutured over the extraction sites to provide maximal healing

All patients benefit from full mouth extractions and 70% are cured.  Those that do not totally respond, feel much better but may need additional medication for comfort

Feline Stomatitis Therapy

Lover Boy

Feline Stomatitis Therapy - Before

Lover Boy Before

Feline Stomatitis Therapy - After

Lover Boy After


Feline Stomatitis Therapy - Before

Jackson Before

Feline Stomatitis Therapy - after

Jackson After


Feline Stomatitis Therapy - Before

Feline Stomatitis Therapy - Before

Miles Before

Feline Stomatitis Therapy - After

Miles After

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