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Veterinary Dentistry Dental Case

Oral Cancer Patient 3

Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma in a Dog

Ameloblastoma oral tumor in dogs

Blue Moon is a standard poodle dog with a large tumor in the jaw. Biopsy showed that this was an acanthomatous ameloblastoma which invades bone and tissue at the site in the oral cavity of the patient but does not go to other places in the body.

Ameloblastoma oral tumor in dogs

Because of the large size of the tumor and its extension past the midline both jaws had to be removed to a level just in front of the molars in order to remove the whole tumor. If these tumors are removed with margins into normal tissue by a minimum of 1 cm they will not return.

Ameloblastoma oral tumor in dogs

Blue Moon at discharge the next morning

Blue Moon did well for years following removal of the tumor and came back to visit at Christmas each year. This is a picture of him in the parking lot the day after the surgery ready to go home.

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